Deadline Reminder

Parishes, if you plan to register for Ready-to-Use Home Lessons, you will want to be registered by July 20 with your number of families. Adjustments can be made after that date as needed.  We realize it’s difficult to anticipate family registration numbers by then, so contact us for options.

All other resources can be ordered at any time. If you are trying to decide between the Ready-to-Use and Print-Your-Own options, you may find this tool helpful. Cost Comparison Calculator (Clicking here will bring you to an excel file to download.)

If you need assistance ordering for the year, we are happy to walk through it with you. You’ll also find a video on our website that talks through the process.

We’re happy to talk through the best way to make this work for your parish:

  • 763-757-1148

Visit for more details.

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