Is Archaeology Proving the Bible?

We’re spending the year focusing on Scripture in a particular way and it’s the plan to give you all sorts of Bible resources.

For some, it’s easy to believe that the original writings of Scripture must certainly be lost, as if they were part of a centuries long game of telephone. If there is someone like that in your life, you may want to direct them to this Opinion piece in a recent Newsweek publication.

In 1846—before archaeology even existed as a field—an Assyrian obelisk was discovered in what is today northern Iraq. It referred to Jehu, a ninth-century BC Hebrew king. For the first time, an archaeological find corroborated what was in the Bible, and Victorian society was electrified. But this was only the first in a torrent of similar discoveries that challenged secular claims that the Bible is a collection of made-up myths and folktales.

This trend of archaeology corroborating Biblical accounts continued so consistently that in 1959 Rabbi Dr. Nelson Glueck declared “no archaeological discovery has ever controverted a biblical reference.” Since then, the evidence has kept coming.

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