The Presentation of the Lord – February 2

The Feast of the Presentation is celebrated 40 days after Christmas (always on February 2), and is the day where we honor Jesus Christ’s presentation in the temple as an infant.

“God enters the temple not as a powerful ruler but as a little child in his Mother’s arms. The King of glory comes not with a show of human force and power, not with a great fanfare and noise, not causing fright and destruction. He comes into the temple as he came into the world, as an infant in silence, in poverty, and in the company of the poor and the wise.” – Pope John Paul II

The Gospel for this day is from Luke 2:22-40 and these words of Simeon are the first place in scripture where Jesus is proclaimed as the Light. (The origin of this celebration also being known as Candlemas) On this day, it is a custom for priests to bless candles that will be used throughout the year, and in many churches everyone is invited to bring candles to be blessed for use at home.

It’s a lesser-known custom to hold a candlelight procession this day, welcoming Jesus, the Light of the World, into the temple for the first time. This feast is rich is so many different ways!

Plan ahead for these family celebration Ideas:

  • Bring a supply of candles to Mass today for a blessing.
  • Look up the story of Simeon and Anna (Luke 2:22-38) and read it aloud.
  • Take advantage of this very dark time of year by doing your family bedtime ritual by candlelight.
  • Or take that one step further by organizing a candlelight procession as part of your evening prayer.
  • Simeon’s words of praise are prayed daily during the Liturgy of the Hours Night Prayer. Pray this single-sentence prayer together tonight. (At the bottom of this page.)
  • Learn a little more about candles here.
  • For a child to witness beauty like this – it’s a memorable opportunity for the Lord to speak deeply into their heart!

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