How to Use a Bible When Catechising Children

Hello Everyone,

I want to take a two minutes today to introduce you to a catechetical tool that is simple, easy, and effective.  Whenever possible with your home or classroom lessons, use a real Bible.  From now on make it a habit to stop reading Bible quotes from the lesson page.  Instead, pick up the Bible, open it, flip to the quote, and proclaim it from the Bible.  Why the extra steps?  Your actions speak just as loudly as the words that you are proclaiming from the Bible.  By grounding various points in the lesson with a Bible, you are visually reminding the students where the teachings you are proclaiming come from.  What you are doing is showing that the doctrine being presented is not some vague Church teaching that has no connection to anything else.  Rather, you are showing the children that what they are learning is part of God’s plan from the beginning of time.  It was prefigured in the Old Testament.  It was brought to completion in Christ in the New Testament.  It is here with us today in the Church Christ established at Pentecost.

If you have the time, see how what you are reading connects to the Old Testament or New Testament (depending where the quote is from).  By doing these simple things, you are creating a catechetical landscape so that the children can see that what is being spoken about is important, is related to other things they have learned about the faith, is what God wanted in the past and, what He continues to want today.

Yours in Christ,

Matthew Brounstein

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