More on the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist

(Additional information for older saints and their parents.)

When you truly come to believe that you’ve just received God Himself in Holy Communion, you see how important it is to prepare yourself before receiving Communion and to spend time in reverent prayer after receiving.

The Mass is Jesus’ sacrifice to God the Father and you can use the letters of the word FATHER as an acronym to help guide this time of prayer and focus your concentration as you worship Christ, now truly present within you!  It would be most meaningful for you to make up your own prayer, but to get you started, you’ll find some suggestions below for each of the categories (faith, adoration, etc.):

Prayers after Communion

  • Faith – Dear Lord Jesus, I believe you are really and truly present within me now.  I’m so grateful for this gift of faith that lets me know You are here!
  • Adoration – You are my King and I worship You with all my heart.  You are perfect and holy and worthy of all praise.  My words can’t even express how amazing you are.  I love you!
  • Thanksgiving – Thank you so much for this wonderful gift of Holy Communion and for all the ways You’ve blessed me this week.  (List them here.)
  • Humility – Lord, I know I’m not worthy to receive so great a gift, yet You offer Yourself to me so generously!  You are always here waiting for me and always welcome me back.  You are God of the universe, yet you wait here, sometimes ignored or taken for granted.  Please help me to learn from Your example of humility and put others before myself.
  • Entreaty (asking) – Dear Lord Jesus, while you are so close to me now, I ask you to bless all my loved ones and to take care of all my needs.  (Mention them here.)
  • Resolution – I recommit my life to You.  I ask for the graces I need to live a life that’s pleasing to You.

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