Learning by Heart

It’s great to know the text of the Commandments, and even better to know the words and the order, but MOST important is to understand what they mean and apply that meaning to your life.

A great place for grown-ups to continue their education on the Commandments is in the Catechism of the Catholic Church.  The Catechism is a concise teaching of the truths of the Faith, divided into four major categories.  The third of these is all about our moral life and expands these ten statements into 867 paragraphs!  (CCC 1691-2557)

Beginners need a simpler explanation so we’ve condensed things quite a bit into this month’s Home Lesson on Moses.  A major point of this lesson is to help your family understand (for example) that you can break the fifth Commandment even if you never literally kill someone.  Now that you’ve spent a fair amount of effort etching the Commandments on your memory, you can move beyond the basics to etch them on your heart!

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