An introduction to our introduction

Close to the top of our list of favorite things is talking to others about the blessings of Family Formation! (I know, I know – no surprises there.)   One of the missions of our Core Team is to be “enthusiastic ambassadors” for Family Formation in a one-on-one way, our office staff gladly spends hours each month explaining different aspects to prospective users, we visit distance parishes to talk with their parents, parish councils, etc., we attend conferences, and each spring we offer an introductory workshop.

At almost all of these encounters, we give away folders full of basic information about the program.  It took awhile, but in a recent Aha! moment, we  thought why wait until we see you to give you the folder?

So [drum roll please], we are glad to share our folder of Family Formation basics with you, your questioning pastor, your skeptical mother-in-law, your fellow parishioners, your searching-for-a-better-way DRE, your friends and neighbors who want more family togetherness, and anyone else who would like to grow in the Catholic Faith and deepen their family life.

Simply click on the “Workshop Folder” link on the sidebar of our home page and you’ll open a zip folder of PDF files including sample lessons, topic overviews, Church documents in support of family catechesis, FAQs, practical basics, and tips for easing into the transition.  Thanks for reading and feel free to share!

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