Honoring Mary in May

One of the natural activities to celebrate the Month of Mary is to simply pray the Rosary.  I’m actually laughing a little as I use the word “simply,” because anyone who has tried to pray a Rosary with small children knows that it’s anything but simple!  One mom in our program has found a way to motivate and remind her children to progress through this prayer by creating a banner with removable beads.

Their family starts with an empty banner and they add beads as they pray together.  By doing it this way, they’ve found that:

  • it adds an active element to the prayer, keeping little hands busy.
  • it helps them keep track of a whole Rosary even though their attention spans only allow them to pray a decade or two at a time.  They are easily able to pick up where they left off.
  • the color coding helps it to be a more orderly prayer time as each child is in charge of leading a particular color.

Thanks to Theresa for sharing this great idea with our parents during the May meetings!



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