DRE Alert – More great ideas! (Updated with PDF option)

We’re all well on our way toward gearing up for this fall and when we hear about a great idea that will make life a little easier, we share it if we can.  Danielle from St. Patrick’s has developed a calendar for her Family Formation families that includes liturgical dates, Saint feasts, her program dates, Sunday Scriptures, Family Formation lesson dates and topics, information about the upcoming Year of Faith, and lots more, all in one convenient place!  Whew!  It makes my head spin to think of all the work she did in pulling this together!  The nicest part is that she’s offered to share it with other DRE’s or families to customize for their own use.

To see the document, just open it here and then save it to your desktop.  It opens in Microsoft Publisher (sorry, no other format available), but once you open it you can add your parish dates and other information that’s relevant for you.

One area you’ll want to look at specially is the part on the September page referring to the Memory Challenge of the Year.  The prize for Danielle’s program is an Official Certificate and Fame.  (They get their name on the parish bulletin board.)  If yours is different, you’ll want to customize this part.  Other than that, add your dates and it’s ready to print!

Thanks so much, Danielle, for doing all the work and for sharing it.  And remember everyone, we love to share your great ideas, notes about what worked well, blessings you witness through Family Formation, and other ideas to make your DRE life easier and your program more effective.  Just email the details and let us know if we have permission to publish.*

*And remember, we like to hear from you even if you would prefer we don’t blog your ideas.  🙂

UPDATE:  We’ve had requests for a pdf version of the calendar, so if you’re interested you can find it here.

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