Recommitted to Jesus!

AKA: what we did in class today.

Any discussion on the wonders of heaven has to be followed up with “how do we get there!” and this month’s classes are no exception.  The older classes played an extensive Q & A game entitled All About Heaven and the younger kids learned that at the Ascension Jesus went ahead and promised to prepare a place there for each one of us!

For the closing prayer, kids were invited to join in a short prayer recommitting their lives to Christ.  Of course, everyone’s initial commitment happens at the Sacrament of Baptism, but since every choice we make every day is essentially a way of recommitting ourselves to Him (or rejecting Him if we so choose), it’s good to keep the topic close at hand.

Your saints should have brought this prayer home with them in November but in case yours is misplaced, you can use the one below.

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