A tremendous miracle of grace!

Today we celebrate the Baptism of the Lord and, of course, I want to post a piece of art for your edification.  I’m not sure if this one fits the bill, but it did catch my eye.

Baptism of Christ by Cima da Conegliano

Actually it reminds me of a crazy decoupage project, but it also reminds me of a reality of our own Baptismal day, expressed so beautifully here:

To me, who have baptized so many babies, this [the actual moment of baptism] has always been a most solemn moment.  I think of all the host of heaven gathered around the font, in eager anticipation as a new member is about to be added to the Mystical Body of Christ and the communion of saints.  I think of almighty God Himself standing by, waiting, we might say, in impatient love for the moment when He can enter into this soul.  I think of the tremendous miracle of grace that is about to occur, and almost can feel the warmth of the Holy Spirit’s presence.  (And we take it all so casually: “We had the baby baptized last Sunday.”)

-The Faith Explained by Fr. Leo Trese

Finally, as long as Baptism is the topic of the day, this would be a good time to get out your family’s Baptism photos and mementos.


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