March for Life

While you’re doing this week’s Sanctity of Life Home Lesson, you may want to look ahead a bit to an event at the State Capitol. Jeremiah poster

The March for Life, sponsored by Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life, is an annual rally “at the Capitol every January 22 to speak out against abortion, to influence our legislators to support pro-life legislation; and to remember all the unborn babies who have been aborted, and the mothers who have been wounded physically, emotionally and spiritually. We gather to demonstrate to others what it means to be pro-life.”

Our parish’s Cherish Life Ministry is sponsoring a bus to the event and everyone is invited to participate (kids too!).

Join Cherish Life Ministry for the March for Life on Tuesday, January 22, 2013. A bus will take parishioners from the Church of Saint Paul to the State Capitol, which leaves at 9:00 am and returns at 2:00 pm. Sign-up after all Masses on the weekends of January 12/13 and 19/20. Also, since this is the 40 year anniversary of Roe v. Wade, there is an all night prayer vigil scheduled on January 21, beginning at 7:00 pm at the St. Paul Seminary. Find out more about this event on the flyers on the Sanctuary entrance tables.
Questions? Ask at the sign-up table or call Dana at 651-483-5943.

Also, if you wanted to bring a poster to the event, the one included in this week’s lesson (attached to some poster board) could serve the purpose nicely.

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