“Do you know how I can get a copy?”

Reviews are coming in on Family Formation’s first video production, The Gift of the Eucharist, and people love it!  The reviews below are passed on to us by Deb, who gave the DVD to two others, who then passed it on to their parish DREs (following that?)

I have to confess, I’ve been given so many mediocre to bad movies about Eucharist, I didn’t have much hope for the one you gave to me.  Usually the production value is terrible, the format is hokey and worse than all, the catechetical content is weak, if not erroneous.

I’m thrilled to have been so wrong about the one you gave me. I just finished watching it. The conversations of the kids and the response of the parents is excellent. I LOVE LOVE that the young people in the film are entirely convincing– they believe every word they say.

So, where can I get 4 copies of this great DVD?

Please pass these comments along to [those] who helped produce this film.  [They] deserves thanks for making a film that is short, accessible to families, engaging, inspiring and theologically sound.


I have just (finally) watched the video on the Eucharist from the Church of St. Paul. Do you know how I can get a copy? It is very well done and something that could be used with older children as well as second graders. I love that they used teens to get the message across, and not just adults. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

If you’re interested in seeing more for yourself, you can watch a clip of the DVD here and you can purchase a copy for your parish, a gift, or your own family here.

Thanks, Deb!

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