Singing the Books of the Bible …

Two of the kids who recited all Books of the Bible last weekend are sisters so I asked their mom for some advice:


[For] the Old Testament, though, we just made it into a kind of chant.  We group them into 3-4 at a time and add on until we know the whole shebang. Like anything worth doing, it takes time, practice, and patience.  It is part of our morning prayer time.  We recite all the books of the bible….every day.  I figure it’s good review for all the kids who know them and the younger kids keep hearing them and become more and more familiar with them each day.  Our 3 year old is very close and can do it if I say them with her.  She kind of freezes up when she’s put on the spot, so we’ll see if she is able to earn her t-shirt this year or not!

If you’d like more suggestions, click on the Books of the Bible link here or in the word cloud on the side bar.

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