Heart of the Lesson: Christmas Activity Packet

Christmas Activities

In case you haven’t already done it, this is a good time to remind you to open your Christmas Activity Packet and do a little planning. Of course, Christmas is going to come and go whether you do anything with this lesson or not, but the goal is twofold:

  1. To help inject a bit of a fresh spirit into your celebration. There are activities here that involve several different aspects of Christmas: food, prayer, celebration and gift-giving. You’ll probably see some old favorites and things you’ve tried in the past, but you may also find something new.
  2. One of the goals of the packet is to help your Christmas celebration begin on December 25th and extend through the entire season. You’ll see several ideas specifically geared toward Epiphany as well.

Merry Christmas, and we hope you’ve had a blessed Advent!

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