Heart of the Lesson: Latin Prayers and Hymns

Latin prayers

One of the major goals of this lesson on Latin Prayers and Hymns is simply to prepare everyone for the January Classroom Lesson that will include a time of Benediction and adoration of Jesus, truly present in the Blessed Sacrament. The traditional songs for Benediction are Tantum Ergo and O Salutaris, beautiful hymns of praise and adoration, written by Saint Thomas Aquinas more than 800 years ago!

When we included Benediction for the first time with our Family Formation group, we got a little bit of confusion and several questions about why we were singing in Latin. (So, of course, we wrote a lesson about it!) You’ll learn more about those songs, but also lots of great reasons why Latin is still the Church’s official language. And finally, we’ve included a CD so you can listen to the two featured hymns being sung and so you can hear the prayers of the Rosary being spoken. You’ll encounter Latin almost everywhere you go in Catholic circles, and even if you only understand a word or two, it’s helpful to have a basic understanding of “why.”


  1. I really wish you also sung all the Latin prayers. Someday, I want to bring my child to a Latin mass & want her to be able to participate. I am working on singing accapella the “Pater Noster” (the Our Father) from the chanted mass parts. I would just be more confident if I had a CD. Thanks again, though, for adding Latin into your program. I am so excited!

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