Apologetics resources


Many thanks to Todd Kraft, our speaker this weekend on the topic of Evangelization!  There were a number of apologetics resources shared by both Todd and parents, and I’ve listed them below.

Level 1 – Starter websites for apologetics.

1.)    www.biblechristiansociety.com – John Martignoni’s website with newsletters and mp3’s

2.)    www.catholicbridge.com – David MacDonald’s site that had his incredible testimony and many articles he has written.  A very pastoral website the helps dialogue with evangelicals.

3.)    www.catholic.com – Catholic Answers website.

4.)    www.catholiceducation.org – endless supply of articles that are faithful to the Catholic Church.

Level 2 – More in depth websites for apologetics.

1.)    www.thecatholictreasurechest.com – Excellent website by Bob Stanley

2.)    www.philvaz.com/apologetics/ – Great site by Phil Porvaznik

3.)    www.catholic-convert.com – Steve Ray’s site with many articles

4.)    www.phatmass.com/catholic-apologetics/ – Incredible amount of great stuff here.


Friendly Defender flash cards (perfect for beginners!)

Pretty much anything offered by Lighthouse Catholic Media (available in kiosks in churches all over the place, and on their site.)

Radio Replies (Originally a radio show by two priests in the 50’s, it was eventually transcribed into 3 volumes that have stood the test of time remarkably well!  The books are still available for purchase, and the link goes to a free online version.)

Men’s Argument of the Month Club

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