You are invited

Join us on Monday, February 10 at 7:00 p.m. as St. Monica’s Circle presents licensed psychologist, Catherine Mollner, speaking about Parent Resiliency.

Presenting on:

  1. How to learn to deepen a sense of personal value
  2. build the self awareness to live in action rather than reaction to others and
  3. how to acquire tools for a health relationship with self and others.

This, in turn, builds the foundation for growth in resiliency and for greater psychological balance and emotion health.  Thus, resiliency strengthens and encourages parents in meeting the demands of their vocation.

St. Monica’s Circle is the parent support ministry at Church of St. Paul.  St. Monica’s Circle talks are geared to parents of teens but many of the speakers are relevant to parents regardless of the age of their children.  Events are always open to the public.  


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