Stations of the Cross booklet

Reminders, information, and inspiration!

We had a question about the symbolism on the cover of our Stations of the Cross booklet and learned all sorts of great stuff about the history of this image.

First of all, the information and inspiration:

The image on our booklets is an icon, written by parishioner Joan Czaia.   The image is known as The Holy Face or  Image Made Without Hands.

Holy Face

You can learn more about icons and about this particular icon at her site, Daystar Design.

Regarding the symbolism, “the IC XC are the first and last letters of Christ’s name in Greek (in our language Iesous Christos but the C is actually X in Greek). The Greek letters in Christ’s halo (O W N) mean The Being or He Who Is, to emphasize that Christ is the same God who said those exact words to Moses in Exodus, I am or He Who Is.”

As for the reminder part of this post:

We’ll be using these booklet to pray the Stations of the Cross together at our March Family Formation classroom meeting, so it would be helpful if you remember to bring yours.  Thanks for your help.

And thanks again to Joan Czaia for sharing her talent and all the information and visit her site to see more of her work..

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