Vocations Month: What’s it Really Like to be Married to Jesus

Today we have another great discernment story, this time from Sister Helena Burns who is a great mixture of funny and profound and is just the kind of nun sister you want to have over for dinner.

This may help you get the picture.










Or her blog entitled Hell Burns. 🙂 (Don’t miss the movie reviews!)

But back to her thoughts about vocations:

Being married to the Perfect Guy is epic. He is forgiving, understanding, exciting, a good listener, omniscient, omnipresent, comforting and challenging at the same time, infinitely tender, wise, a great provider, keeps me entertained, keeps me laughing, keeps me growing, makes me fruitful.

It’s a real back-and-forth, give-and-take relationship. But whenever we fight, only one of us gets upset, and only one of us is always wrong. Jesus gets me. He never cheats and He never leaves. Bad boys are overrated.

And this:

What can married couples learn from my marriage? The same thing I can learn from their marriage: what God’s spousal love looks like. Our complementary vocations are two sides of the same coin. We should be a mutual admiration society. In fact, nuns’ biggest fans are young married couples who get so excited when they see us because they want their kids to meet a nun (and hope their daughters will consider a religious vocation someday).

When you see a nun, are you supposed to think: “There she goes. One of God’s special, chosen ones. *Sob.* He didn’t choose me, but He chose her. *Sob.* She’s so unique. She must have been so good and holy for Him to choose her. And not me. *Sob.*”??? 

Of course not!

This is what you’re supposed to think when you see a nun: “Yup! God is the Spouse of every soul, the Spouse of my soul. Every time I see a nun, I’m reminded of that truth! It’s so great to remember that God is so close to us, so real that He calls some to be exclusively His. God can be enough for us, truly fill our needs and make us happy. He can be trusted with our entire lives. Oh, and she reminds me that this isn’t all there is — we’re all headed to the wedding feast of heaven!” And then you are obliged to make a monetary donation to that Sister who reminded you of so many good things, pray for her, take her out for coffee, etc.

Read the rest here.  (And if you ever get a chance to hear Sr. Helena speak in person, DO IT!  She’s great!)

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