The power of a personal testimony!

We were very blessed to be included in the email Justin Stroh from Divine Mercy Catholic Church sent to his Family Formation families this week and immediately got his permission to share it with you.  We love the reminder that no matter what the topic, adding your own personal twist will make it more meaningful and memorable for your kids.

justinDear Parents,

Have you ever heard God’s voice call you? I mean, really say your name? I have! It was in high school, I was walking though our student center and there were hundreds of people eating lunch and passing from one class to the next.

I recall making a short prayer asking God for some grace and then it happened. I was filled with a sense that God was close to me by experiencing joy and then in my mind and ears I heard God say my name. I responded! Speak Lord, your servant is listening. Nothing else was said, it was as if God was getting my attention to then pay attention to what he was saying to me through my surroundings. This “attention getter” stirred up in my heart the knowledge that I am a son of the Father in heaven who loves me. Jesus came to share this with me, with all of us!

So, how did I know it was God and not just my mind? Because the heart of this weeks lesson had been part of my childhood reading. THIS LESSON IS ESSENTIAL to aiding our children to hear God’s voice in their prayer life. Children are capable of great spiritual lives!

YOU are the essential link to God and his Church for your child.

Peace be with you!


speak lord

This is also a good place to remind everyone that we love to hear your testimonies, see your lesson or event photos, and share your creative ideas.  Share them with us and a couple things happen:

  1. Everyone here in the Family Formation office is inspired and edified by your work.  (Thank you very much!)
  2. If you give permission, we will try to share them on our blog and facebook page so a wider audience is inspired and edified.

Everyone’s programs are stronger when we share ideas!

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