Why do we “bury” the Alleluia?

It’s an ancient custom to mark the solemnity of the Lenten season in some ways that get our attention.  Besides the purple vestments and more austere music, perhaps the most noticeable is that we do not sing or say the Alleluia.  “Alleluia” is a word of joyful praise.  It’s an Easter word, and setting it aside for 6 weeks makes it seem that much sweeter when we bring it back at the Resurrection!

coffinIn some places, a scroll or figure inscribed with the word “Alleluia” was literally put into a small coffin and was carried in procession to it’s burial place in the parish cemetery!  (Now that’s a dramatic lesson!)  We suggest you adopt a simpler version and just color and hide the banner from this month’s Lenten Activity Packet someplace where you’ll be able to find it again before Easter Vigil when the praises are resumed. J

(But if you do that coffin thing, please send photos!)

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