Preparing for Mass

Yesterday we spent a bit of time promoting our Liturgical Calendar as a great way to get ready for Mass.  Not only will it help you know what color you can expect Father to be wearing, but it gives the Gospel references so your family can mark their Bibles to follow along with the lector.

Today, we just want to mention the perfect companion piece – the Our Sabbath Scripture Book.


In a nutshell, it follows the adventures of the Pauline family as they prepare for Mass each Sunday.  The best part may be that their Sunday prep is almost always out of the ordinary and almost never involves the stress of lost shoes and oversleeping.  It helps readers to refocus on just what Sunday is all about and has been a treasured part of Family Formation tradition almost since our beginning.

The fun part is that there are always new readers discovering the blessings of Our Sabbath Scripture Book and we were delighted to find one of their testimonies here.

I’ve said it before. I’ll say it again.

My family really loves this book.

We read it on the way to Mass, which means I have to speak VERY LOUDLY to reach all of the people in our 15-passenger van. In any case, this is the tradition that’s working for us, and in fact, if I don’t read it, people start asking!

Thanks again, Margaret!

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