In Our In-box: “I needed to create a space for all the beautiful materials that guide us through this journey.”

We have two small girls one in Little Lambs and one in Kindergarten. This is our first experience with the WOG logs and trying to manage two packets, so far so good. G marks hers and M adds fur to the WOG picture, I keep the cut up felt in a dish, a glue stick and other supplies close so they can independently manage.


Tithing envelopes and the beautiful pink slips to fill out right in the envelope box, ready for Saturday night preparation. ( I cried like a baby after G put her first envelope in the offering basket. Cried harder and harder as the basket made its way to the altar). Stewardship was such a beautiful lesson for me to share with all the children in our house.

I have included a picture of our space and have a few other funny pictures to add. My personal favorite lesson so far, Christ the King!



I have nothing on the board from the previous week Saints lesson. Didn’t get to it: (maybe in July). I do save them for those rainy days or when we have time in the weeks ahead. I have even completed a Christ the King packet in July when G was a Little Lamb. True story!

Thanks, Tricia, for sharing how Family Formation works for your family!

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