Bible Review Project 3

Bible Review Project

  • Title: The Catholic Children’s Bible
  • Publisher: Saint Mary’s Press
  • Full Text or Bible Stories
  • Translation: Good News Translation
  • Protestant, Catholic, Good for Either
  • Recommended Ages: “Well suited to the reading ability of a 10-13-year-old.”
  • Pros:
    • Mine is a paperback version and the cover seems a little stronger than an average paperback (But I would still reinforce it with book tape or a Bible case if it were in daily use.)
    • Attractive color design features
    • “Tabs” printed on the page edges
    • Lots of extra information to help explain some stories
    • The type is very easy to read
  • Cons:
    • All that well-spaced text means more pages.  It’s heavy! Even so, I would probably spend a little more to get the hardcover version so it survived the use of a middle schooler.
  • Notes: The translation is very reader-friendly, especially for this age.  It would be frustrating to use this Bible to follow the readings at Mass, but I think it would be very good for personal reading.




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