Raising Pro-life Children

March for LifeExcept for a personal love for Jesus, it’s hard to imagine a more important value to instill in your kids than a respect for life at all stages.

There are lots of great resources available, especially at this anniversary time of year.  Be sure to start with your Sanctity of Life Home Lesson (and maybe click over to this related bit of encouragement from our archives), but you may also like this article on raising pro-life children, and this one on the lessons one family learned from adoption.

My favorite suggestions are to simply spend time with some real babies and to hang out with families who have been called to adopt.

So many Americans grow up without ever having held or spent time with a baby, and are taught that pregnancy is an expensive catastrophe to be avoided at all costs.  People with this warped view are easy to persuade that a fetus is a parasite with no right to life.  Plenty of people love babies and still somehow accept abortion, of course; but I remember being about 7 and holding my baby brother.  I admired his smooth cheeks and silky hair, and then suddenly realized, “Some people think it would be okay to kill him.”  That was when I fully realized that abortion wasn’t an abstract problem, but something that exterminated real people with real souls, babies who just want to be held, just like my baby brother.

We’d also recommend that you dress for your local January weather and bring your whole family to a March for Life near you.  It’s worth taking the day off work and keeping your kids home from school for the day.  In fact, those things will make the personal impact even greater!  Follow this link for the Minnesota event, join thousands at the annual DC event, or do a “march for life” search for your state to find one near you.  And if you do go to a March, the Jeremiah 1:5 poster from your Home Lesson can easily be made into a great sign for you to carry!

Jeremiah 1,5

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