Let the celebration begin! (part 4)

Are you still celebrating? We hope you’re finding some doable ways to keep your Easter celebration going!

Part 4:

  1. Watch a movie with an Easter theme.
  2. Make a sign or banner or even decorate a tent card for your prayer space that says “Jesus is Risen!”
  3. Watch an extra online Mass this week.
  4. Light a candle at family meals to recall that the Light of Christ is in the world.
  5. Make a joyful noise! Use simple rhythm instruments with your favorite Easter songs.
  6. Read Numbers 6:24-26 and bless each other with holy water.
  7. Surprise someone with a “Happy Easter!” today.
  8. Next time the weather is nice have a family picnic and enjoy the beauty of spring.
  9. Read the Easter story from a children’s Bible.
  10. Plant flowers to honor Mary. So an online search of “Mary garden” for ideas.

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