We have so much to be grateful for and counting your blessings is always a worthy exercise, so here we go:

  • We were able to offer onsite meetings every month.
  • Thanks to all who came to our May Family Formation. We had a wonderful time with the Blessed Mother and with each other at our end-of-year celebration.
  • Thanks to our monthly helpers – girls from our American Heritage Girls troop, Steve, Mary, Tony, Debra, and many others who pitched in when they saw help was needed.
  • Thanks to our worship leaders who got each month’s meeting off to a great start. Jenny and Denise along with all the teen leaders up front (Katie, Maggie, Lily, Dominic, Sam, Maria and Jayda – you may have VBS jobs in your future)
  • Thanks to those who made our family activities so fun and meaningful! (Joe, Stephanie, Lindsey, Karen, Sue, Judith, and everyone else who helped us prepare family challenges and craft ideas.)
  • Thanks again to all our speakers: Fr. Jim, Jenny and Jonah, Bob, Deacon Bill, Father Joseph, Tony, Cate, Deacon George, and Clara. You all took our impossible parameters and made it work every time!
  • Thanks to all who helped us with Catholic Academy and family prayer experiences every month – Amy, the Kolles family team (Jena, Sean, Jacinta, Amara, John Paul and Gracie), the Ask a Seminarian guys (Tim, Connor, Sam, Peter, Jonah), the Lucca family team (Jacqueline and Angel, with Catherine and Gianna working props) Mrs. Kelly, the Spanier family (Doug and Krista, Sam, Sean, Devin, and Mac)
  • Families, we’re grateful for all the ways you’re working on building up your domestic church and gave you lots of things to help. (Little prayer table cloths in the liturgical colors, a Fr. Jim paper doll, this year’s liturgical calendar, holy water, candles, an advent wreath, a St. Joseph shrine, a box of Lenten symbols to unwrap, a “stained glass” cross, and more)
  • Thank you to our first sacraments catechists (Nadina, Rebecca, Christine, Trisha, Judith, and Katie) for spending extra time and effort adapting our normal classroom lessons to work with this year’s circumstances. Your love for the Eucharist shines through this work!
  • Thanks to all the families who attended each month, for your support and feedback. (Really, it’s so helpful!)
  • Thanks to all the families who “attended” online. Your perseverance in these ridiculous circumstances was inspirational.
  • Thanks to everyone who stayed home when they didn’t feel well. (The FF staff had a surprisingly healthy year, so thank you!)
  • Thanks to all of you who have already registered for next year!

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