First Communion Novena

It’s first Holy Communion season and one of our parish parents just brought this simple and beautiful novena to our attention.

Each day starts with this opening prayer and then has it’s own virtue focus.

Very soon I will receive Jesus for the first time in Holy Communion!
I can hardly wait! I must get myself ready.

I must make my heart ready for Jesus
to come to me in this special way.
I will make my heart a beautiful garden.
I will fill it with flowers to please Him.

When He comes into my heart He will be very happy.

He will see how much I love Him!

I will work very hard to make many flowers for Jesus.
Dear Mother Mary and good Saint Joseph,
please help me get ready to receive
Jesus in Holy Communion!

Holy Guardian Angel, help me to do my best each day!

If you are in our parish program, today would be the day to begin.

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